CapManta advises client portfolios, where it may be paid an advisory fee, and offers periodic investment advice through its investment consultation service engagement. Should you wish to engage CapManta for any of its advisory services, you must first enter into a written client services agreement with our firm; thereafter discussion and analysis will be conducted to determine your current holdings, financial goals and objectives, etc.

Michael Davey is the managing partner and chief investment officer of Cap Manta, LLC.  Michael has over 20 years experience as a full time investment manager professional. He’s authored several blogs including The Contrarian (1997-99); MarketBUG (1999-2000); Centrifugal Deforest (2007-2011) and was a regular contributor to CBS Marketwatch from 1999-2000. Michael holds a bachelor of arts degree at UC Santa Barbara in 1985 and received an MFA in painting at UCLA in 1993. He lives with his wife of 27 years in Berkeley, California.